City Bank (MTO) Question Solution

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City Bank (MTO) Question Solution:

Exam Type: MCQ + Written

Post: Management Trainee Officer (MTO)
Exam Date: 20 July 2018
Exam Time: 3.00 PM To 5.30 PM

ExamTaker: IBA, DU

See City Bank (MTO) Question Solution in below:


Written Math Full Solution:

Question-1:A department store receives a shipment of 1,000 shirts, for which it pays TK 9,000. The store sells the shirts at a price 80 percent above cost for one month, after which it reduces the price of the shirts to 20 percent above cost. The store sells 75 percent of the shirts during the first month and 50 percent of the remaining shirts afterward. How much gross income did sales of the shirts generate?

As the data given,
Total shirt=1000
Cost price of 1000 shirt=9000 TK
Cost price of one shirt
=9000/1000=9 TK
First month ,
Selling price of one Shirt
=9+9 of 80%=81/5 TK
75% shirt =1000 of 75%=750
Remaining shirt=(1000-750)=250
Income of first month
=(750*81)/5=12150 TK
After one month,Price of shirt
=9+9 of 20%=54/5 TK
Remaining shirt=250
50% of remaining shirt
=250 of 50%=125
Selling price of 125 shirt
=(125*54)/5=1350 TK
Gross income
=Income of First month + Income of Remaining month
=13500 TK

Answer: 13,500 TK

Question-2: At a football game, 4/5 of the seats in the lower deck obtuse stadium was sold. If 1/4 of all the seating in the stadium is located in the lower deck, and if 2/3 of all the seats in the stadium were sold, then what fraction of the unsold seats in the stadium was in the lower deck?
Total seat=60
(LCM OF 5,4,3=60)
Lower deck seat=60 of 1/4=15
So, Upper deck=60-15=45
Lower deck sold=15 of 4/5=12
Lower deck unsold=15-12=3
Total seat sold=60 of 2/3=40
Total seat unsold=60-40=20
Required fraction of unsold seat in lower deck=3/20

Answer: 3/20

Courtesy:   Yousuf AlI

See City Bank (MTO) Question Solution in below images:

সকল চাকরির পরীক্ষার সময়সূচী ও ফলাফল মোবাইলে Notification পেতে নিচের Android apps মোবাইলে রাখেন: Jobs  EXam Alert 



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City Bank (MTO) Question Solution:

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